Need some room for your idea? We can help you to find a pop-up location that matches your needs and gets you started. We work closely together with our marketing advisory firm Yuzer Group as well as our video- and photography company Super8 to bring your solution to the floor! Get some ideas from our past pop-ups:

Art&Design Pop-Up

Lora Wagener x Zoé Muse. Unplugged concert by C’est Karma.

Valentine’s Pop-Up

with Delia Dettmer (♥ Handmade Ceramics ♥), FleuRebelle (♥ Lovely Flowerboxes ♥) Eataliano (♥ Authentic Italian Food ♥) and J’adore bio (♥ Natural Beauty Care ♥). 

Yuzer Launch

Game-changing Digital Marketing and PR Agency. Yuzer Launch Event. Luxembourg-City.

Xmas Pop-Up

with Apothecary (local juice producer), Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin (local gin manufacturer), J’adore bio (natural beauty care) and The Good Market (healthy food + sustainable products). 

Bluem Clothing Launch  >><>

bluem’s goal is to support your personal growth process and to unite, because a dream you dream alone remains often only a dream. Listen to your inner self and find your purpose, because happy are those who dare to do what they love. Discover the bloom in you and grow forever.